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Big bridge media – Softech Digital
Case Study – Big Bridge Media – A creative video agency, specialising in creating both broadcast and web content for local and global brands.
Company: Big Bridge Media
Industry: Video and Animation
Region: Sussex / Kent Area
Date of Project Start:  13/01/2016

Mission Statement:

Big Bridge Media is a creative video agency with vast experience in creating business video content for brands local and global. From broadcast and web, through to bespoke digital and large format screens. The business is run by Paul Bridges, who has worked on a vast amount of creative video briefs for clients, including titles, captions for TV; brand videos for digital portals through to corporate animations for numerous channels including Sky Sports, Sky Active, The History Channel, and Sky Active.


After a recommendation from Sussex Pages, Big Bridge Media approached Softech Digital for search engine optimisation work for both the bigbridgemedia.com and paulbridges.tv websites. The original goal for this project was to push Big Bridge Media’s website to the first page of search rankings for each of their chosen keywords, and help them obtain more leads and potential clients.

The Project And Results:

Our team helped to provide Big Bridge Media with stable growth and increased traffic, with a majority of the traffic being organic. The goal from the client was almost achieved within half of the time originally proposed, with a majority of keywords being ranked on page one within the first three months of the project.

The overall results from the SEO campaign for Big Bridge Media are shown below:


Organic traffic increased by0
Keywords found on the first page within three months0
Keywords found in the top three search results0
Homepage bounce rate decreased by0