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LPAW CLINIC – Softech Digital
An outpatient rehabilitation centre staffed with clinical specialist physiotherapists and sports therapists, based in Bow, London.
Company: London Wellness and Physiotherapy Clinic
Industry: Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Region:  London & Essex Areas
Date of Project Start:  21/03/2016

Mission Statement:

London Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic specialise in Physiotherapy, Wellness and Specialised services, ranging from Hydrotherapy, to Osteopathy, to Yoga. They believe that during rehabilitation, the patient should be educated by their therapist to be able to maintain maximum flexibility and pain-free living long after the work ends. The director behind Team Wellness is Arjun Viswanath, the lead clinician at London Wellness Clinic, and a Specialised Pain and Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapist. After meeting with Softech Digital, London Wellness Clinic decided to go ahead and use Softech for their search engine optimisation work for their website, www.lpawclinic.com. In addition to their SEO, Softech Digital also constructed the London Wellness Clinic a brand-new website, complete with video technology and vast improvements over the original website.


The Goals Of This Project Were The Following:

Produce a steady increase in the amount of traffic visiting lpawclinic.com

Push London Wellness Clinic’s website to the first page of search rankings for each of their chosen keywords

Help them obtain more leads and potential clients

Give them a website which helped them to attract more leads, and gain more bookings.

The Project And Results:

SEO: Softech Digital delivered on their promises, and provided London Wellness Clinic with significant growth, higher volumes of traffic (with much of the traffic being organic) and improved search engine rankings.
The first challenge, level of traffic, was and is still being achieved. We have successfully improved their website’s traffic by over 100% over a year, and we have currently reached a 270% increase in organic traffic (in comparison with their traffic at the start of the project.

In addition, Our SEO has given their business a significant boost, and caused them to grow leaps and bounds. Their chosen keywords increased significantly in rankings, with their website ranking at positions 1-3 for keywords such as London physiotherapy clinic’.

In addition to this, London Wellness Clinic have started ranking for many keywords outside of what was specified, such as cosmetic therapy, physio mile end, london wellness, etc.


After providing London Wellness Clinic with SEO for almost a year, they approached Softech Digital for a new website, to help bolster the SEO process, attract more potential customers and close more leads. After an in-depth, planning and construction process, Softech created a brand-new site for London Wellness Clinic, containing:


  • New video technology, at the forefront of the homepage
  • All new content on their services, complete with royalty free images
  • Integration with Google Maps, their online booking system, etc.
  • A carefully designed structure to not only easily guide users to the part of the website they want to see, but to minimise the number of clicks required to get there


This new website proved a great success, as it resulted in the number of enquiries received to skyrocket, leading to the clinic receiving between five to ten confirmed bookings every week from their website alone, causing their business to grow and prosper (as can be seen in the testimonial below from lead clinician, Arjun Viswanath)



  • Traffic increased by: 97%

  • Organic traffic increased by: 138%

  • Average user’s duration on website: 3 minutes, 54 seconds

  • Organic search bounce rate: 46%