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Pile Tech – Softech Digital
Experienced, reliable professionals in sub-structural engineering, including underpinning, piling and groundworks in the South East.
Company: Pile Tech
Industry: Construction and Engineering
Region: Sussex / Kent Area
Date of Project Start:  26/07/2016

Mission Statement:

Pile Tech specialise in piling and underpinning along with groundwork to provide their customers with quality workmanship. The business was founded by brothers, John Lean and Joe Lean, who have worked in the construction industry for several years. John Lean has worked for over 18 years in the piling and underpinning industry and has the practical knowledge of each aspect of the construction works. He knows how to get the job done whereas Joe Lean is an expert in completing large construction contracts due to his commendable accomplishments in the construction industry.

Through a recommendation, Pile Tech approached Softech Digital for search engine optimisation work for their website, www.piletech.co.uk. The original goal for this project was to push Pile Tech’s website to the first page of search rankings for each of their chosen keywords, and help them obtain more leads and potential clients.


The Project And Results:

Our team provided, and continue to provide, Pile Tech with stable growth, website optimisation and increased traffic, with a majority of the traffic being organic. The goal from the client was to have their chosen keywords ranking on the top page of Google, in an estimated timeline. Our SEO is currently following that timeline, with a majority of keywords being ranked on the first page of results from Google. In addition, some keywords are ranking in higher positions than what was originally planned, with seven of the client’s keywords being ranked in the top five Google positions much earlier than predicted.


Lastly, the website is also ranking for many keywords outside of what was specified, with seventeen different search terms being in the top ten positions, and even some keywords (such as mini piling sussex, piling contractors london, piling sussex, etc.) returning results which are ranking in the top three positions on their respective searches. These rankings can be seen in the screenshots below, which shows Pile Tech’s search visibility in comparison to their competitors in the region:

In addition, these are most recent results from the SEO campaign for Pile Tech, showing the top ten individual client keywords, and their rankings:


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