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Styloko – Softech Digital
A fashion discovery engine that’s been connecting people to the products they love since 2010.
Company: Styloko
Industry: Online Fashion – E-Commerce
Region: National – UK
Date of Project Start:  02/06/2016


Styloko is a Fashion Discovery Engine™ that connects people to the products they’ll love. Launched in 2010, the site offers price and product tracking capabilities to enable users to receive sale alerts when items go on sale or back in stock.


At Styloko, you can have a more personal & efficient online fashion shopping experience. It allows busy women to shop across each of their devices without losing momentum. By using their proprietary visual technology, you’ll never have to explain your choice of color, pattern or shape that looks best on you.

The Challenge:

At the start of the initial conversation, Styloko defined an initial target of increasing organic search traffic. Since the site only targeted fashion conscious women from UK, the quality of the traffic was as important as the quantity. Though the site held decent rankings for several keywords already, the major aim was to achieve the top positions for them, which is required to acquire the attention of people clicking only the top results. Another challenge was that the site acted as an affiliate that wanted to rank for popular keywords in the fashion industry, but didn’t sell the products directly – most of the people searching for the products are interested in buying them. This kept Styloko at a loss since it has to increase its share of organic search traffic by replacing leading ecommerce sites in Google search results, especially when Google generally prefers ranking ecommerce sites over affiliates.

Our Strategy:

For a site this size, it is always important to perform a detailed technical review to ensure that Google is indexing all-important pages properly. As the campaign initiated, the experts at Softech Digital got started with a detailed technical SEO audit to identify and resolve the crucial technical issues that were hindering Google’s crawlability. The detailed technical SEO audit included not only suggestions to fix serious problems such as duplicate URLs, SSL & URL problems, etc. but also focused on improving crucial site elements such as Breadcrumbs, Pagination, and URL Structure.

The next step was to research for and finalise a list of the best terms that the site can be targeted for, from thousands of potential keyword options. Followed by identification of proper landing pages for each finalised keyword, this process defined an optimisation strategy, which included a long list of on-page improvement recommendations.

Since different sections of the site required separate optimisation approaches, individual recommendations were provided to improve the performance of the Categories, Brands, & Blog sections. With hundreds of thousands of available products and thousands of new ones added daily, Softech Digital re-created the page structure & content placement strategy for Product pages from the ground up. Softech Digital also helped Styloko’s IT team define a dynamic on-page optimisation plan for all product pages.


Within 3 months of starting the campaign, Organic search traffic to the site had grown by 50%.


With traffic growth from all the sections, Categories & Products saw the highest number of new visits from Google SERPs. This was the result of improvement in site’s rankings for several mid-tail & long-tail keywords, which Softech Digital targeted specifically in the SEO optimisation. The increased traffic helped Styloko’s new product launches become far more successful – their latest app Wantlist since its launch has received great popularity among Styloko’s improved user base.